Barrels for Water Storage

Lets face it; water is probably one of the most important food items you can store not to mention the cheapest!

How to store and purify water:
Here are the amounts of bleach that you should add to your water when you store it. Remember to ONLY USE unscented bleach.
5 gallons- 1/2 tsp.- for clear water; 1 tsp.- for cloudy water.
55 gallons- 2 TBLS. - for clear water; 4 TBLS.- for cloudy water.
You can also purify water by boiling for 3-5 minutes at a rolling boil. For every 1000 feet in elevation add one minute. The time listed here is for the elevation of sea level.

Always make sure that your barrels are not in direct contact with the ground. Put something under them, either a piece of plywood, old piece of carpet or a pallet. You can stack the water barrels on top of each other, but only 2 high. There is also the water barrel racks that you can store your barrels in. Please see the picture slide below for the racks.
Rotate your water once a year.