72 Hr. Kit Items

If you haven't started your 72 hr. kits yet, here are some great items to start with. If you have started, GOOD FOR YOU! But, you might see some items here that you don't have yet.

The one item that is a must have is the "Filtering Water Bottle". This water bottle can filter up to 100 gallons of water, which is a very important item to have.

The "Fresh and Go toothbrushes" are really cool items to have. They already have the toothpaste in them! There are up to 30 uses in each toothbrush.

Then there is the Premier Bottled Emergency Kit. This kit already has a lot of these items.
It comes with:
2- Purifying water tablets
1- Water bottle
1- Hand and body warmer
1- Emergency poncho
1- Emergency blanket
1- Strike-anywhere matches
1- 9-bulb LED flashlight
3- "AAA" batteries
1- 5-in-1 whistle
1- basic first-aid kit
1- Zip-top bag
1-Multifunction tool
1- Carabiner

There are several 72 hr. kit lists off to the right hand side. Take a look at these and then pick out which one would best fit you and members of your family. Remember, make it the way you want it and fun. For a very extended 72 hr. kit, look at the one called "The Cadillac of 72 Hr. Kits". It has some great ideas and instructions on how to do it.
If you just don't want to do one or are to overwhelmed with it all we would be more than happy to customize a kit for you. Please email for details.

Please look at the "Order Forms" for more items to order. All prices are listed there as well.

To order any of these items, please email your order and any questions to www.rugettingprepared@yahoo.com