Utah Fruit 2011

Delivery Dates

September 27 or 28 Orders and $ Due by 20th

Pears 38 lbs: Large $23.50 Calli or Red Bartlett

Jumbo: $25.50 Red Bartlett

Peaches 32 lbs: $25.50 Elegant Lady or Summer Lady

Apples 38 lbs: $25.50 Gala, Johnathon or Gingergold

October 11 or 12 Orders and $ Due by the October 4th

Pears 38 lbs: Large $23.50 D'Anjoe

Jumbo $25.50 D'Anjoe or Bosc

Peaches 32 lbs: Angelus, O'Henry, or Autumn Rose

Apples 38 lbs: $25.50 Golden or Red Delicious, Braeburn, Jonagold, Fuji, Granny

My personal recomendations are in bold. These are the ones that I like to order. If you are interested in making applesauce I always suggest ordering a couple different kinds because it gives it a good flavor.

Please e-mail all orders to rugettingprepared@yahoo.com. All checks can be mailed to Anna Ptak (new last name) 3492 E Vernon St Gilbert, AZ 85298

There is a pickup location in Gilbert at Chandler Heights and Higley, Mesa at Brown and Gilbert, and in Surprise. Please specify which location you would like and include a contact number.